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Ghost - the musical / Attila Dolhai

I was lucky enough to see Ghost – the musical in the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre on 24 May. The musical’s based on the legendary Oscar-winner film from 1990, and it’s a non-replica production which was played at the West End and the Broadway.
I’ve never liked the film that much. Perhaps I was too young to understand and feel the story itself, so I remember most of the soundtrack – Unchained Melody – from the film.

Back to the musical and to the theater … it was tough to organize this program :) There was no harmony in the family regarding the actors, because the cast was not known when we purchased the tickets. Since it was a girly night with my friend (thanks, Szilvi once again!) and 2 teenage daughters of mine, it was so obvious that it would be difficult. And it was! When the cast was revealed, we had real problem. My kids were not happy with one or another actor. There was no agreement between them. After I gave them MY point of you, they calm down with that statement: „It’s going to be the longest and worst 2 hours of our life”.

We went to the theater after this „little” intermezzo. I had no problem since the company was good, and the cast list started with this name: Attila Dolhai. After this it would have continued whatever, I would have been happy :) I always loved his voice, and although I didn’t see him in live before that just in TV, DVD and in a lot of video, I had very positive opinion about him.

The story of Ghost is about a young couple planning their wedding, when Sam’s killed. But he can’t leave this shadow world due to his love for Molly (Bernadett Vágó), though he didn’t use the phrase „I love you” that much; he preferred to show his love with actions. He stays here as a ghost and realizes that he was killed because of his business rival (Dávid Szabó) who, he thought, was his friend. Sam with the help of a spiritualist, Oda Mae (Veronika Nádasi) contacts with his love, but the girl doesn’t understand and can’t accept what happened and happens.

For the official description click here: http://www.operett.hu/repertoar/ghost/151/9

A song from the musical that is about the phrase „I love you!” – Just a Little Word

The play was wonderful. Dynamic changes of the set and use of the projector was a 100 per cent great idea, the metro scenes was kind of an element of a great surprise. Actors were great, but Attila Dolhai’s (Sam) and Veronika Nádasi’s (Oda Mae) playing was the best. Touching and funny moments, energetic dancers, good songs, wonderful set. And … my daughter who didn’t like Attila before was totally blown away with his stage presence, voice and charisma, so she is now „in love” with him :) The other girl accepted that Dávid Szabó wasn’t that bad :) I think we don’t really need more …

… or we need. We have to use the opportunity to see Attila Dolhai in musicals while it is possible. He announced in that day that he no longer plays in musicals after this summer:( From that he’s going to play only in operettas, and he trains his vocals further to be able to sing opera arias properly high level one day. Sad news for the musical-lovers, because we can say that this genre is about to lose its „number one” leading man. And the audience loves him. Why? For this …

Excerption from Romeo and Juliet:

A song from Miss Saigon:

Excerption from Mozart (not from the original play):

Excerption from Elisabeth (not from the original play):

Excerption from A Midsummer Night's Dream (not from the original play):

So Attila Dolhai (happy father of three little girls) quits his career in the field of musicals, because he feels that he is too old for it (37 year-old) … :( But roles of operettas are still and will be here for him.
And after his quitting young(er) actors can get more possibilities to prove their own talent in musicals.

Excerption from The Kissing Lady:

Excerption from The Bayadere (not from the original play):

A song from the Countess Maritza:

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