2018. március 4., vasárnap

Eurovision 2018, Hungary - AWS "Viszlát nyár"

Hello Europe and Australia!

Do you remember Hungary's songs from recent years? From the Grand Final over the preceding five years maybe? Let me help you a little bit! Then I show you the song that will represent our country this year in Lisbon. It's going to be suprise, I guess 😉

Kedvesem from ByeAlex in 2013

Running from András Kállay-Saunders in 2014 (this is my favorite from these five songs so far)  

Wars for Nothing from Boggie in 2015

Pioneer from Freedie in 2016 

Origo from Joci Pápai in 2017

Different genres, different styles, but not that different like the winner of the Hungarian A Dal this year. Hungary made the choice and is sending a band, AWS and their song "Viszlát nyár" (Goodbye Summer) to the contest in 2018. A rock band with full of energy and a rock song with sadness, anger and passion.
Here comes AWS from Hungary and the song "Viszlát nyár" 

I've said this is different, haven't I? 😜
I like rock music. Not a fan of trash metal or death metal or some other stuff from this very, very hardcore style, but if a song has meaning and it has melody, I'm in. I particularly like this song more and more. What about you? Do you like Hungary's entry? 

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