2016. november 27., vasárnap

“The Csárdás Princess” In London! The Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater's World-Tour Continues

Imre Kálmán's operetta, "The Csárdás Princess" (or as we Hungarians say "A Csárdáskirálynő", or "Csardasfürstin" in Germany) is timeless and it seems to be eternal. This operetta is known all around the world and it makes Hungary proud. And it is 100 years old! 

So to celebrate this "eternal lady", the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater and the Balassi Institute brings a concert version to London after Vienna, Brussels, Moscow and New Delhi with the soloists (Mónika Fischl - Sylvia, Attila Dolhai - Edwin, Szilvi Szendy - Stasi, Máté Miklós Kerényi - Boni) and a chamber orchestra of the theater. 

Date and location:
Monday 28 November 2016, 7 pm
St Paul's Church Covent Garden, Bedford Street, London WC2E 9 ED

Since I saw this operetta several times in the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater with this cast and I saw this particular concert version in Balassi Institute Budapest, I highly recommend visiting to the St Paul's Church. 

An article and the Balassi Institute London's publication on this event can be available here:

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