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Dimash Kudaibergen - Димаш Құдайберген, the singing sensation!

About a year ago I listened to S.O.S d'un terrien en détresse, a French song about a soul's plea for help. My K-pop fan daughters showed me the song, it was sung by a young singer from Kazakhstan in a Chinese talent show called Singer 2017. 
I am always open to new music, thus I like a few K-pop songs and bands, too, for example VAV or Super Junior, but my favorite group from this area is FT Island, and I think this band's singer Lee Hong Gi's voice  is absolutely fantastic. But now it's not about them, it's about this young Kazakh singer. 

So, he appeared on the stage like a young boy with a shy smile on his cute face. I had no idea what to except from him, first I thought he was going to sing a pop song and dance or whatever. And then the musicians started to play and he opened his mouth... and... I was totally blown away right there. What happened? Dimash Kudaibergen happened, ladies and gentlemen, and his wonderful voice and singing ability happened. Listen and watch this performance, and maybe you will understand what I mean.

Now you know, what I mean, right? This is beautiful and insane. In later episodes of this TV show he sang Adagio (Lara Fabian's version), Celine Dion version of All by Myself, Queen's Show Must Go On just mentioning a few well known and equally hard to be sung songs. You can find them on Youtube, please check them out, if you mind. You can also find many of his other performances as well, which are constantly analysed by vloggers, vocal coaches and singers on Youtube, who are clearly under his spell as well; some of them even call him alien due to his singing ability.

Dimash is 25 years old and has been trained since the age of 5. Now he is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, university trained in classical as well as in contemporary music. He was offered a position as opera singer in Astana Opera in Kazakhstan, but he turned the offer down, because he wanted to try himself in the field of popular music. Can you blame him for that? I don't think so, because the world of opera is fantastic but seems to be like an exclusive and expensive private club only for members if you understand what I mean, and it has his own world famous stars. But it is not for everybody. Dimash is a very young guy, who has to be famous for his own style and own uniqueness. He has to shine. 

His vocal range is mind blowing, he has about 6 octaves, and he can do whistle notes which are not even on the piano! Here it is a demonstration video of his crazy notes. If you find it too long, please watch from 3:07 to 3.40, you will be amazed! He sings like an opera singer, then like a pop star, like a man and like a woman; he uses chest voice, head voice, falsetto, mixed voice. Staccato, crescendo, discrescendo, bel canto, dolce or forte are not problem for him. He can sing every way he wants. Many other singers can do that, of course, but not within one song! But Dimash often does all of that things within the same song, and that is what his uniqueness is about.

Dimash sings from low baritone to soprano which is a woman range. What does it mean? That he is capable to sing a man and woman duet on his own, anytime. Just listen to this song!

The previous song, Olimpico (or Ogni Pietra) was composed by Igor Krutoy who worked with the late operatic baritone superstar Dmitri Hvorosztovszky whom I admired as well. Now it's a wonderful pairing with Dimash and Krutoy like it was with Dmitri and Krutoy. This composer has a special taste for modern classical music and good ear to beautiful vocals, and seems to be a great person himself as well. 

So Dimash is not only a good (I mean gorgeous) voice, but he has control over his voice and vocal cords, and he has great breath control, too. He is a charismatic perfomer who commands the stage from the moment he steps on it.
He is not just a wonderful singer, he is a story teller, an artist from head to toe who can create a very intimate atmosphere even in a huge arena, and he can set the audience afire when he dances with his dancers, because he can do it, too, despite his height (he is over 1.90 centimetres!).
Watch this video of Give Me Your Love, which was composed by Dimash! It is a Michael Jackson tribute and you will see that Dimash is a Jackson fan. 

What can I say more about him? He absolutely has it all. Have you ever heard the Diva Dance from the film Fifth Element? When a blue alien lady sang an unearthly song which second part was digitally mixed because nobody could sing it properly? Dimash sang this second part on several occasions, for example at the Chinese TV show I mentioned earlier or on his own concerts:

He sings in Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, French and occasionally in other languages.
This Chinese song is one of my favorite. There is a beautiful but heartbreaking story behind it. A real story of a young babyboy who had lost both of his parents in a cable car accident. Later he was adopted by the composer of the song, a lady with a golden heart. She wrote the song for his adopted son and his late parents.

Dimash has made several music videos, these two are my favorites... 

But he often arranges the songs into another level or form to the stage, like this one:

So... I guess his style and/or voice is not for everybody's taste, but it has to be admitted that he is an exceptional young man with powerful voice and stage presence. He knows what he is doing with his talent, and he is working hard to be better and better if it is even humanly possible. And not even that, he has fans all over the world from China to USA through Europe, in South-Amerika and Australia and other countries. He calls them Dears, because they are (we are) special for him. He loves his Dears, and he is grateful for their support, because he obviously knows as a down to Earth man that an artist is not the same without his fans.
First time I saw Dimash with the song S.O.S d'un terrien en détresse/A Soul's Plea for Help, I had a funny yet sentimental thought. If our planet Earth would be in major distress itself and he would sing this song, the Universe would send some help for us to be saved because of the beauty of Dimash voice. Or if an alien spaceship would intend to attack the Earth, maybe they would change their minds listening to this song from Dimash, thinking if a planet owns this kind of feelings and beautiful creatures, then this planet deserves to live. 

Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to leave a comment about Dimash! 


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